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Hello and welcome to WorldBettas!

We are a Betta Aquaculture Farm located in the remote mountains of North East Thailand. We have been breeding and selling bettas since 1997.

We see the world different than most as we are a solar powered off grid and all organic farm. We have over 80,000 gallons of tanks and specialize in Wild Thailand Bettas and Koi PKHM.

We are a certified aquaculture farm and tarn-shipper. We can supply CITI permits and health certificates for any orders to any country.

Our Business Policy for all customers of Betta fish:

  • we only supply high quality Betta tropical aquarium fish. We do not sell C grade fish at any time and our B stock is as good or better than most others A stock.
  • our main goal is to produce the highest quality and unbeatable Show Bettas, Pet Bettas and Plakat fighters at our farm, WorldBettas in Kut Chap, Thailand.
  • We are constantly selecting and breeding for the finest qualities in our Show Bettas, Pet Bettas and Fighter Stocks.
  • We breed and produce only quality betta fish, choosing only those with good colors, great fins, great health. Our Betta Fighters have sharpest teeth – hardest scales – great body – tight well-rounded fins – clear eyes and full of energy from Thai and Malay bloodlines.
  • we provide a high standard for Betta tropical fish exporters process. (quarantine, packing material and equipment machine, transportation and delivery services, all document provide for all country are at importer request)
  • we can offer very competitive pricing for any Aquarium Fish Importers, Aquarium Fish Wholesalers or Tropical Fish Retailers and even pet owners.
  • we guarantee the live delivery all Betta fish anywhere in the world, should a condition occur or if you have any DOA’s , we compensate 100%**
  • WorldBettas provides its clients with excellent services and very prompt replies. We keep in mind that this is a long-term business relationship we’re trying to make with you. Send us an e-mail and let WorldBettas know how we can do business together.
  • stock lists are updated the 1st and 15th of every month and shipping is 24 hours after payment received. We take all forms of payments from Bank Wire to Visa and even PayPal.

With professional packing, double insulated bags and quality Betta fish, our DOA records for 2011 – 2018 have been shown to be less than 2%. We guarantee every fish that leaves our Betta farm. You can be assured that it will ARRIVE ALIVE at its destination of your choice after leaving WorldBettas.




***Please keep in mind that we do have limited numbers of Thailand Wild Betta’s in stock most of the year, just ask if you need to buy any!

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