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Acclimation Process of Bettas

Acclimation Process of Bettas   Over the years we have has so many debates on slow acclimation vs quick-release and why we do it so much different than others. Over and over in chat rooms …

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Proper Fish Quarantine 2018

Proper Fish Quarantine 2018 So, you are at the fish store and see a beautiful fish you fall in love with and the credit card calls your name. You just bought a brand-new fish congratulations. …

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Hydrogen Peroxide for Algae Removal

Hydrogen Peroxide for Algae Removal   Hydrogen Peroxide can be used safely and effectively for a partial fix to algae outbreaks.   There is no real OVERALL cure for algae outbreaks without hitting the real …

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Tea for Bettas?

Tea For Bettas! It’s common knowledge that tea has many health benefits, but do you know that a tea from South Africa might just blow your other favorite water conditioners out of the water? Meet …

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Plastic Kills Bettas

Plastic is more than you know! Silk: Like plastic aquarium plants, silk plants provide a relatively no-hassle decoration for your tank and can make your betta feel more at home. Although silk plants do not …

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