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When to Outcross Betta Strains

When to Out-Cross Betta Strains and When Not To   The everyday attitude from so many on line and books from authors who know next to nothing that “breeders must out-cross”, is so prevalent that …

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Breeding Super Black Bettas

Breeding the Super Black Betta! OK, I have heard so many people’s ideas on black betta’s and most of them are lost on black genetics or what goes into creating a good foundation.  The info …

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Koi vs Marble Betta

Marble vs Koi betta             Before you start on this post grab a chair, open your mind to all possibility’s and some might need to lite one up and get …

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The Dragon Betta

Bee Betta Thailand

          The origin of the Thailand betta we call dragons! We get this question a lot and every one wants to know how to make a dragon so I will post …

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