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Introduction to Bacteria in Bettas

What is this thing called Bacterium? Well, glad you asked – bacterium (bacteria, pl.) is a single prokaryotic cell and so, by definition, lacks a nucleus and is, generally, much smaller than any eukaryotic cell. …

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How to Worm your Betta

Recognizing the Common Pests Harmful to your Betta Fish           Just like any other creature, your betta fish can suffer from disease and parasites when not properly quarantine when the fish …

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Popeye Disease In Bettas and How to Treat

Popeye Disease In bettas and How to Treat Popeye in fish is also called exophthalmus, proptosis, exorbitism, exophthalmia, or exophthalmos and is really not a specific betta disease by itself but rather describes a total …

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Learning Your Medications for Bettas

Learning Your Medications for Bettas Yet again because of PM’s I have posted this for you. You will find it covers most medications and is geared to bettas. Before ANY treatment, check these parameters and …

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Introduction to Aquarium Fish Diseases

An introduction to aquarium fish diseases and treatments. There are literally hundreds of afflictions that can affect the health of your fish. The most common maladies seen in home aquaria are usually either bacterial or …

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