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Live Foods

Black Worms

Black Worm Culture                 California Blackworm Factoids Origin California Blackworms Food Trout wastes or commercial foods Temperature Refrigerate Longevity Lives for months in fridge Longevity in aquarium Burrows …

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Grindal Worms

How To Culture Grindal Worms                 Grindal Worm Factoids Origin Extracted from white worm cultures Sex Info Each worm contains male and female equipment Temperature Room temp best …

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Infusoria Cultures at Home   Origins: Infusoria (a menage of one-celled or equally teeny multi-celled animals) get their name because they originate from vegetable infusions – pulverized vegetation in water. Don’t forget spontaneous generation. Lots …

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Artemia Decapsulation

AN IMPROVED TECHNIQUE FOR DECAPSULATION AND PRESERVATION OF ARTEMIA CYSTS (BRINE SHRIMP EGGS)   About Decapsulation of brine shrimp eggs was originally carried out with sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite at the Chacheongsao Fisheries Station. …

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Daphnia Culture for the Home Aquarius   Introduction Water fleas, Red mites are common names and (daphnia) is the real name. It is one of the great foods for Betta fish and fry. It is …

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Growing Microworms at home is easy and rewarding! Microworms are great food for young betta and fry, and make a nice complement to baby brine shrimp (BBS) and Water fleas (Daphnia).  Almost all betta fry …

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