Published on: Feb 20, 2015 @ 14:24

WorldBettas always strives to supply the aquarium community with the finest quality betta livestock available in the world. For this reason, we offer all our customers a limited guarantee on all fish purchases made through our mail-order service. The only items that are not covered by our livestock guarantee policy are listed on our Restricted Species List. In the unfortunate event of any loss, WorldBettas will reship any animals lost during the guarantee period. Any negativity reviews given to us before we have a chance to fix the issue will result in guarantee void and a ban on shipping any new stocks later to you.

  • This guarantee will cover all fish received from our listed importers.
  • The guarantee is void unless WorldBetas Acclimation Procedures are strictly followed and it is posted here on this document at the bottom of the page.
  • Guarantee does not cover species listed in our Restricted Species list because the CITI only cover the fish that was shipped and not replacements and a new CITI would need to be issued.
  • If replacement is needed, new fish will be shipped out on the next order to your country. Replacement livestock is not covered under this policy. Any losses of replacement animals are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Guarantee is valid only when receiving your new fish. We must be notified of any losses as soon as you open your box.


In the unlikely event that you suffer a loss during transit or within our arrival guarantee period, please notify us immediately upon confirming a loss. WorldBettas always requires verification of loss to process claims. If you are a importer you must accept all shipments booked and confirmed and as you know shipping charges can change a lot till the time the fish are on the plane. WorldBettas is not the Airline so we do not control their pricing and until they check the box and see the confirmed weight by there agent there is no set pricing on shipping only a quote by the airline. All Airline box orders are subjugate to change till the box is on the plane. Do not discard any lost livestock without contacting us first and receiving authorization to do so. Fish must remain in the shipping bags until you receive further instruction.

  • Any losses should be clearly photographed or video should be done in the unopened shipping bag with a digital camera. Email your photos and order number to support@worldbettas.com
  • If you do not have access to a digital camera or email, you may be required to mail any lost specimens back to the importer via US Mail. Please ensure that all specimens are properly and completely sealed inside a plastic bag within a mailing envelope and frozen. To limit decomposition, please put enough table salt inside the bag to completely coat the frozen remains. Your name and shipping address should be clearly printed on the envelope.
  • If you suffer a loss after the acclimation period and your loss occurs outside of our normal office hours, simply make sure that your loss is promptly reported via e-mail and we can work with you to find a happy solution. Our support does not end with you signing for the fish. The date appearing on your loss notification e-mail will validate your compliance with our guarantee policy and what we will be willing to do for you.
  • Claims for new fish will not be honored if you have not contacted us during the first few hours of the guarantee period. This period starts when your package is delivered and you sign for it.

Terms & Conditions

  • Live shipments must be received immediately upon delivery by our courier and you must be home at the time of the package attempt. If you are not home to receive your shipment on its first delivery attempt, this guarantee is void.
  • You must accept shipments sent to you under any and all circumstances. Any refused shipment will disqualify you from any future livestock purchases from WorldBettas. Additionally, you will be held responsible for total costs of the refused shipment including all shipping charges and materials used on your order. If there is any damage noted to the exterior of a delivered package, immediately report the damage to the delivery person so we can see their notes in the computer, and open the package while the courier is there to take note. Failure to report damage at the time of delivery may void this guarantee. WorldBettas will handle all delay and/or damage claims directly with the courier company.
  • Specimens that expire later than delivery must not exhibit signs of physical trauma, such as torn fins, scratches or bite marks after the first guarantee is passed.
  • All animals received must be acclimated properly according to WorldBettas Acclimation Procedures you will be given at time of order. Even if an animal appears deceased, you must attempt to acclimate it. Stress caused by shipping can often cause many animals to appear to be lifeless in their bags, but they may be revived by proper acclimation techniques.
  • Your tank must be established and in good condition. Your water quality should meet WorldBettas standards:

Ammonia: 0 ppm
Nitrites: 0 ppm
Nitrates: 0 ppm – 30 ppm (max)
pH: Specific to livestock purchased (ask for details)
Specific Gravity: Specific to livestock purchased (ask for details)

Tips for New Livestock

  • WorldBettas highly recommends the use of a quarantine tank for all new purchases. We choose the healthiest possible livestock for our customers, and we manage our holding systems in an effort to prevent disease. Stresses of shipping fish, and introducing them into new environments, puts a heavy strain on any live animals’ immune system, and problems can occur despite our best efforts and yours.
  • Leave the lights off in your tank after you have introduced your new animal. This reduces stress in your new animal, and may reduce aggression toward your new fish by established inhabitants.


*****Restricted Species CITI

Animals on this list are either very difficult to keep in the home aquarium or are highly susceptible to loss during transportation. Beginner level aquarists, or aquarists with aquariums less than 6 months old, should not purchase any of the species on this list. No credit or refunds will be offered on restricted items on this list under any circumstances.

·        Any items not covered by our Guarantee Policy are labeled on you receipt. A full Restricted Species list is available by request.

·        Customers requesting any of these animals waive any responsibility on the part of WorldBettas for dead arrivals or animal losses normally covered within our first received replacement period for unrestricted species.

·        We are also not responsible for the existing fish in your aquarium or for fish sold as “starter fish” for new aquariums. Guarantee does not cover fish purchased for new aquariums (less than 6 weeks old).

·        Management or WorldBettas reserves the right to exclude any items from the guarantee policy at any time and it will be noted on your receipt before final payment is received.

Fish Acclimation (You must use our method)

This procedure should take no longer than 1 hour to complete.
Test chemistry and make necessary adjustments to prepare your tank for acclimation.

You will need the following supplies:
• A good, non-abrasive net
• A plastic cup
• A clean, empty bucket for acclimating
• A bucket with newly prepared seawater that is the same temperature as your aquarium.
• A thermometer.

1. Turn off the light in your aquarium and dim the lights in the room.
2. Cut the bag open below the rubber bands and pour the fish and water into the empty bucket.
3. Slowly add 1 cup of water from the aquarium to the bucket.
4. Repeat step #3 every 5 minutes for 45 minutes.
5. Net fish and release into the quarantine aquarium.
6. Discard water left in the acclimation bucket.
7. Replace the water removed from the tank during acclimation with the newly prepared aquarium water.
8. Keep the aquarium lights off and the room lights dimmed for at least the first 12 hours after acclimation.

Drip Acclimation:

Instead of using a cup of water, air line tube can also be used to slowly and continuously add aquarium water to the acclimation bucket. Start a siphon from the aquarium to the acclimation bucket. Tie a knot in one end of this tubing and adjust the knot until water drips at a rate of one drop every 1-2 seconds. Allow the water to drip continuously for 45 minutes and proceed to step #5 of the acclimation’s.