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Plastic Kills Bettas

Plastic is more than you know!

Silk: Like plastic aquarium plants, silk plants provide a relatively no-hassle decoration for your tank and can make your betta feel more at home. Although silk plants do not produce oxygen like natural plants, the leaves are softer than plastic plants and there is no risk of eye or fin damage like hard plastic plants. Want to test this to prove to your self it is true? Get a nylon and run your plastic plant through it and then look at all the snags it will produce. Now do the same with that silk plant and you will notice that we are telling you the facts here.

The reason is because silk plants have no hard edges or have razor sharp edges and are more lifelike in their movement, they are less likely than plastic plants to catch or snag your betta’s long, flowing fins or rub or poke their eyes out. They can be disinfected easily with each big water change and do host good bacteria colony’s on the silk parts. There is proof they can help a little in keeping your tank ammonia free.

There are several aquarium supply company’s that use silk for the filter bag for reef tanks and silk is still used in many hospitals and is a renewable product source unlike plastics it does not off gas toxic chemicals either.

Sometimes you are much better off knowing what NOT to do rather knowing what you should do. Aquarium cleaning may be one of those things. There are some very simple things that seem harmless but could have serious effects on your tank.

Some general good ideas.
1. The best way to clean your gravel is just siphon up the major debris off the bottom. This keeps that bio-filter in tact and keeps your fish happy during your aquarium cleaning.

2. This aquarium cleaning mistake is similar to the one above in that it is related to your tanks bio-filtration. You wouldn’t think you could really clean too much, but you can. Your tanks good bacteria are growing all throughout your tank once it’s established. On your tank walls, plants, decorations, filter media, gravel, and even in the water. If you clean all of these things at once your bio-filter looses its effectiveness. One solution is to clean things in stages. One week you could do a partial water change, and clean the glass. The next week you could clean everything else. Another solution with regard to the filter media is to just rinse it in your tank water rather than replace it. This keeps the bacteria in your tank and sufficiently rinses the media.

3. Feeding – feed only what your fish will eat in 10 minutes or so. You can always feed them a few times a day. Less more often is far more natural than a all you can eat 1 time a day. Turning off your filter for 10 minutes will not harm it and will make it easier for your betta to eat.

4. Lighting- bettas do not need strong light and in fact prefer lower light. The natural areas they come from have lots of shade and dark areas.

5. Tank additives and fancy named bottle like fix and cure-all and wound care and slime coat and instant tank cycle are never needed if you keep a clean tank. The only thing you can add to a betta tank is some natural tanic leafs like IAL, banana, oak, peat or rubious tea.

Remember keeping bettas or any aquarium fish is not about speed or easy. It is about the hobby to give your fish the closest natural environment we can. You are keeping water not the fish, the fish only lives in the water you keep – Todd 🙂

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