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Acclimation Process of Bettas

Acclimation Process of Bettas   Over the years we have has so many debates on slow acclimation vs quick-release and why we do it so much different than others. Over and over in chat rooms …

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Proper Fish Quarantine 2018

Proper Fish Quarantine 2018 So, you are at the fish store and see a beautiful fish you fall in love with and the credit card calls your name. You just bought a brand-new fish congratulations. …

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When to Outcross Betta Strains

When to Out-Cross Betta Strains and When Not To   The everyday attitude from so many on line and books from authors who know next to nothing that “breeders must out-cross”, is so prevalent that …

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Introduction to Bacteria in Bettas

What is this thing called Bacterium? Well, glad you asked – bacterium (bacteria, pl.) is a single prokaryotic cell and so, by definition, lacks a nucleus and is, generally, much smaller than any eukaryotic cell. …

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How to Worm your Betta

Recognizing the Common Pests Harmful to your Betta Fish           Just like any other creature, your betta fish can suffer from disease and parasites when not properly quarantine when the fish …

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