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Homemade Dechlorinator

Homemade Dechlorinator by WorldBettas So many people are into fancy labels and claims of god like chemicals to make there fish better than any in the world. Some, people will pay over 10 usd a …

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Making Your Own fish Foods

  Making Your Own Fish Food The first thing I see and read and hear on making your own fish foods is perpetuated by people who probably did not pass high school chemistry or the …

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Koi vs Marble Betta

Marble vs Koi betta             Before you start on this post grab a chair, open your mind to all possibility’s and some might need to lite one up and get …

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Betta Tank Size Myth

The Real Truth About betta Tank Size and Life Expectancy           Plakat Mhors So, you have a new betta and you are going nuts reading all the posts and internet talk …

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The Dragon Betta

Bee Betta Thailand

          The origin of the Thailand betta we call dragons! We get this question a lot and every one wants to know how to make a dragon so I will post …

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